Star Legends


Star Legends was the second mobile online title released by Spacetime Studios. Similar to Pocket Legends, Star Legends had players meeting up in social hubs and embarking on adventures in space in the form of campaigns. We introduced a new state system in Star Legends, that let designers implement more advanced gameplay using objects like doors, triggers, power sources and keycodes.

  • During my time working on Star Legends, I was responsible for the layout and construction of the Blackstar player town, as well as 3 unique campaigns that introduced the player to all new settings on different planets. With this being a new IP, we had more freedom to request new assets as needed, but still were careful in only requesting the assets that were most needed to sell the idea of the different locales.


    Blackstar Player Base

    The Blackstar ship housed all the important vendors that players could interact with to exchange goods acquired on campaigns. There were several wings that led players to different teleporters, leading them to the campaigns directly. I tried to give the illusion of a hangar deck with a crashed ship, as well as a bridge with a viewport out into space. Giving the feeling of depth was difficult given that the game was built on the concept of 2d movement, but I took some of the existing hallway assets and lowered them underneath the main courtyard area to make it appear as though there was a second level underneath.


    Cycorp Industries

    In Cycorp, players were tasked with infiltrating a corporation’s facility and getting key intel to a competing agency. Players would take down enemy security personnel, use key cards, and obtain critical documentation during their mission. As they progressed, they would come across an alien infestation that needed to be cleared to escape with their lives intact. This required the use of bombs and other destructive improvisational gear.


    Sloucho Productions

    Sloucho was a silly take on the whole seriousness of the sci fi genre. I wanted to get away from the sterility of some of the previous environment so I went with the theme of an intergalactic movie studio that had it’s droid staff go haywire on the human personnel. For the creatures, I used previous droid bodies and combined them with monitor assets that were re-textured to display player portrait avatars for their faces.

    For the actual locales, I created movie sets that used existing assets from previous planets the player visited, to make it feel like various series of movies were in mid-production. I tried to make certain areas look like ‘prop rooms’ with aliens on sticks, hanging counterweight bags and similar objects. When the player reached the end, they’d fight a director droid that was responsible for the droids turning on the humans.



    Voleria was the first of a three part campaign that introduced the player to a large enemy faction called The Scorn. In it, I had done several things that were unique to the game at the time. The campaign had dynamic dropships that would drop off enemy combatants as well as the concept of power lines and batteries that the player could move around to manipulate power flow. Enemies were more advanced than my previous campaigns, forming squads and using special abilities that worked off of each other. Additionally, I attempted some unique takes on traps including a bouncing betty bomb that would explode if you got too close to it.


  • ICO_Systems_Design_LargeWhile most of my time spent on Star Legends was based around content development, I did help in expanding our toolset by providing feedback to the tech team. Additionally, I helped in developing the object state system that would be used in both this game and future titles.



    I helped design the state system used in Star Legends in collaboration with the tech team and input from other designers. This system let us define objects that had different states, transition animations, and custom scripting hooks that could be referenced. It served as the basis for handling everything from doors to keycard switches.


    Unfortunately, images are not available at this time, but I am working to locate some to include.