Other Information


    • Avid console and PC gamer that enjoys immersive, narrative experiences.
    • Self-starter personality, with a strong team ethic that is comfortable with ramping up quickly.
    • Enjoys the experience of collaboration and moving an idea from concept to a finished, polished product.
    • Familiarity with improving game interfaces, control schemes, and overall player “feel”.
    • Systemic design experience on core game mechanics, including camera behavior and control, targeting, gun behavior, and player gear.
    • Tool design experience with scripting framework, mission editing, AI, and object state systems.
    • Content creation experience including map block outs, scripting, encounters, and narrative design.


    Lead Gameplay Designer – The Elder Scrolls Online

    Zenimax Online Studios | Cockeysville, MD

    • Lead the systems, UI, and combat teams on improvements to the game.
    • Review proposed changes and additions with Creative Director to ensure they continue to build upon the core experience of the game.
    • Oversee the development and performance of the systems, UI, and combat design leads.
    • Coordinate with producers on scheduling and prioritization of gameplay features.
    • Run the player experience team responsible for improving combat, movement, and other “moment to moment” player facing features.
    • Run the voice chat team that is responsible for the VOIP systems in the console port.


    Lead UX Designer – The Elder Scrolls Online

    Zenimax Online Studios | Cockeysville, MD

    • Oversaw the design and implementation of all in-game interfaces/controls.
    • Reviewed major systems with Creative Director and other design leads to ensure optimal player experience.
    • Responsible for the development and performance of UX design team members.
    • Coordinated with producers on scheduling and prioritization of UX features.


    Senior Game Designer – Multiple Titles

    Spacetime Studios | Austin, TX

    • Worked with Creative Director in prototyping core gameplay mechanics for new and existing titles.
    • Responsible for initial AI and interactive object behavior for several new projects.
    • Designed/Implemented classes and abilities of the studio’s flagship title, Arcane Legends.
    • Assisted design team in problem solving logic issues and reviewed scripts prior to code submission.
    • Worked with tech to identify and design tool improvements on AI, ability, and scripting framework.
    • Collaborated with art to develop additional campaign content for existing titles.


    Game Designer – Star Wars: The Old Republic

    Spacetime Studios | Austin, TX

    • Designed and scripted flashpoints (narrative single-player style content).
    • Scripted complex, overarching class quests for the Imperial Agent and Sith Inquisitor.
    • Worked with writers to graybox gameplay for several class and world mission arcs.
    • Created and maintained the scripting wiki in personal time detailing tool usage, scripting tutorials, and implementation standards for use by the design department.


    Senior Systems Designer – Darksiders

    Vigil Games | Austin, TX

    • Designed and oversaw implementation of the main character’s puzzle solving gear, guns, weapon enhancements, and special abilities in collaboration with art and tech.
    • Worked with tech to finalize swimming behavior and camera refinements.
    • Managed itemization with Lead Designer.
    • Scripted the Gryphon level and designed the flight spline system with tech.
    • Assisted level designers with additional gameplay mechanics and scripting.


    Design Lead: Functionality & UI – Tabula Rasa

    NCsoft | Austin, TX

    • Designed control scheme and UI together with the lead UI artist and programmer.
    • Worked with tech and art to define and implement the overall camera and character feel.
    • Designed and implemented dynamic AI control points, clan functionality, PvP arena, and suite of interactive objects.
    • Oversaw design of new features in the scripting and mission editors based on the content team needs.
    • Created and scripted several of the game’s instances.
    • Assisted and taught other designers advanced scripting and game mechanic implementation.


    Game Designer – Tabula Rasa

    NCsoft | Austin, TX

    • Designed mission structure, object state system, creature spawning system, and narrative scripting framework.
    • Worked with lead designer to develop vertical slice of persistent and instanced map gameplay.
    • Designed and scripted instances, creature AI, and missions.
    • Served as design liaison for art to establish assets needed for game systems and global environment suites.
    • Identified gaps in content creation pipeline and designed scripting and mission editors in collaboration with tech.



    Software Familiarity:

    • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Enterprise Manager, Query Analyzer, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Perforce, Test Track Pro, DevTrack, Hansoft, JIRA
    • Python & C Scripting Experience, Learning C++
    • Windows, Linux, OSX familiarity


    • Neverwinter Nights module used on Bioware’s career website as model for design applicants – 2009
    • NCsoft’s Award for Outstanding Achievement – 200



    straszwork (at) gmail (dot) com